Am I Ready?

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Over the years I can't count how may times people have asked me this question. Everytime I would answer the same, "I don't know, are you?"  It seems strange to answer a question with a question, but I knew that if a person was ever going to be ready to run a business the power had to come from them. I knew that the only way to help someone succeed was to help them find the power within themselves.  All to often I have heard that business coaches have taken this power away by telling someone, "NO!"  I assure you that the business coach who tells you no, isn't trying to help you, but instead trying to control you. A good business coach, even a mentor, will do everything to help empower you! 
   Let's be totally honest with ourselves for a minute. How can a complete stranger who doesn't live in your house, or even had any kind of a meanful conversation with you tell you "NO"? Why would someone that is trying to help you discourage you in any way, matter or form?
   Now that we know how a bad business coach or mentor would answer this question, let's talk about what a qualified business coach will do instead. 
   It may seem invasive at first, but in order for a qualified business coach to help, they have to get to know you and allow you to get to know them.  Now, while some of the questions a business coach will ask might seem personal and it might even seems as thought they are trying to have a personal relationship with you, that isn't the case.  For the business coach they are trying to find out your strenghts, weaknesses and your uniquieness. Your strenghts are what start you on the path to success. Your uniqueness is what builds your brand and customer experience. Your weakness, could be the thing that is holding you back. These are questions asked during the initial interview process, or the getting to know you process, NOT after you hired the business coach.  It is during this assessment that the business coach is deciding if they are a good fit to help you grow your business. Will you be pressured to hire the business coach today, no. But, instead there will be a follow up conversation. At this point the business coach will let you know if they are able to assist you, and have an outlined plan of action.  After getting your outline plan of action, it is your turn to decide if this is the best business coach for you. 
     Should you expect to pay a fee to go through this process, yes. Typically to start this process you will need to fill out an application and pay a fee. There is not a set fee, but you should expect to pay a hirer fee based on the experience and demand of the business coach.  A qualified business coach's reputation is based on the success of their clients. You can definately expect that if the business coach feels that they can't help you, they will tell you that and recommend a business coach that might be a better fit. 
     Is there a one size fits all business coach? No. There are a varierty of business coaches and the services they offer.  Just remember that whomever you hire, they work for you! You are paying them to help you grow your business. That's right. It is your business and it is all about you!


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