Inside Jackie's Design Studio


   My name is Jackie Blewett. I have been making wreaths for over 14 years now. What was once a hobby turned into a part time business in 2012. For years I was able to keep up the pace of working a full time job, taking care of my daughter, grandfather and making wreaths part time. In the spring of 2017 I brought my grandfather home from the hospital to pass and lost him and my job within 5 days. I was left wondering what I was going to do for a job now. As I sat at my table making a wreath, a light bulb went off, I already have a job. The previous year I had made over $62,000 just making wreaths alone.The best part was I could finally be home for my daughter.  In October of that same year, after my third back surgery, I opened my group Inside Jackie's Design Studio.

   I guess this would be the point where I tell you about all the amazing things I have taught my group, but I would rather tell you about how amazing the people are in my group. It is the things that they have asked me to teach, that has made me a better designer and person. My group has enriched and blessed my life so much, it made me work harder to give back to them everything they had given to me. Every chance that I could possibly get to meet them I took. It didn't matter if I was invited to participate in an event, bought a ticket or hosted the event, I wanted to meet every member of the group that I possibly could. 

  Over the years I have had 4 back surgeries, a constant battle with Lupus, and most recently been diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome. Despite my battles with health issues, I can still make a wreath, sew, and craft. I have the most amazing support group ever. God, my husband Greg, daughter Tiffany, and friends. Because of them I have done things I have never dreamed of. While my health will prevent me from being multi-millionaire in this business, my health didn't prevent me from being rich in family and friendships. 

I am the creator of the Jackie Bow, Chateau Bow, Jackie's Weave, other unique wreath bases and I am not done yet! I am constantly thinking and creating new ways to improve my designs. 

Many of the members have doubled and tripled their sales using my techniques to improve the look and quality of their wreaths.


What do I teach?


Wreaths, Swags,Teardrops, Grapevine & Floral Arrangements

Home Decor

Sew & No Sew

For each tutorial you will get step by step instructions and templates if needed for the project. From the beginner to advanced.. ALL skill levels are taken into consideration in each tutorial. 


What do you get when you join? 

  • Acess to the private Facebook group for the live tutorials and where you will find your copy of each weeks recorded tutorial.

  • Guest designers teaching different styles and techniques.

--Cancelation Policy and Commonly Asked Questions--

Q -Can I cancel at anytime?

A -If you cancel your membership is there is no refund, even IF you got a 1 year, 3 month or 6 month subscription. IF you cancel you are no longer an active member and will be immediately removed from the group. Only those on a 1 year, 3 month or 6 month subscription will be removed at the end of their contract. IF your payment becomes suspended. You will receive an email to let you know. You will be removed from the group until you restart your subscription.

Q- How do I cancel?

A- Simply log into your PayPal or Payhip account to cancel. You have control over your membership account. Simply leaving the Facebook group does NOT cancel your membership. You must cancel in PayPal or Payhip.

Q- Is the payment automatic?

A- Yes. Whatever date you sign up is when the payment will automatically be taken every month, quarterly or yearly till you cancel.

LIMITED TIME---- Get your first month for $9.99.

Every month after is $14.99

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