I Am Grateful

Posted by Jacquline Blewett on

         Based on a lot of comments and messages I have received, we need to clear something up. I am grateful. I am grateful for every idea that God has given me. I am grateful for every idea that I have shared and someone was able to use to make money. I share these ideas to inspire people. I am grateful for those who watch and learn from me. But, just because I see something and have the ablity to teach it and recreated it shouldn't that person get credit? Just because I saw the picture and my hands were able to recreate the technique into a finished product, should I get credit?
        While thoughts and opinions on this subject vary, here is what I know. I know that I didn't create the ruffle, poof, curl loop, or several other techniques for that matter. I didn't create the idea of paid groups, but I would like to thank whoever thought of the idea first. It is a tool I use today to make money. I know that I use these techniques to make money, and someone blessed us with these ideas. Is it really so bad that I just want to thank them for the blessing we have received? God gave them that idea and the ablity to see things differently than me, I want to thank them for sharing. I want to say their names, after all why shouldn't I say their names. To get to where we are today there are some pretty amazing creative people that got us here, and I want to know who they are.  I want to return the blessings that I have received from other people ideas. I am just as proud of them as I am of myself. I want to celebrate these people because they have impacted my life. They gave me the ability to have a work at home job. It is through them I was inspired the first place. The first time I saw a poof wreath wasn't on Facebook, but at a flea market back over 20 years ago. 
         I am a wreath maker and I am a teacher. I want to be a great teacher. To be a great teacher, I want to provide the full education. Part of that education is missing people's names.  I can tell you why I use a 12 inch poof, but I can't tell you who created it. I definately don't want anyone to believe that I did, nor do I want that credit. But, if it wasn't for the person who had the idea to make the poof, ruffle, curl loop, or many other things--- my business would exist today. I wouldn't have ever seen that first mesh wreath that inspired me and fasinated me. The money that I make today is because someone had an idea, and took the time to make that idea come to life through a creative process of trial, error and then success! 
        As creatives we live in a very mixed world. We look for inspiration and try to inspire. Some the idea were from someone else and some are our own. I am not standing here today soley on my own merit or my own hard work.  For years, I used just the ruffle technique to make money, despite the fact it wasn't my idea. But, I sure want to know who to thank! They are an amazing person that made a difference in my life! My life is better today because of an idea, even if it wasn't my own. 


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