My Favorite Tools & Supplies

Elevate your wreath-making skills with a range of high-quality products carefully selected by me. Each product below is an affiliate link that I will earn commission from.

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A pair of these scissors lasts me for about 3-4 years! I cut literally everything thing with them.

I purchased this box cutter almost 20 years ago. 

Why an ice pick? When putting wreath attachments on it makes it super easy to poke holes to add your pipe cleaners.

Metal hole punch comes in handy when needing to put holes in metal signs.

Rotary cutter and quilt ruler work together when cutting mesh. 

Gorilla Gun full size high/low temp. Using low temp will help prevent those nasty glue gun burns. I have been using Fixsy glue sticks for over a year and I have not been disappointed! They cost less then Gorilla Glue Sticks and actually do a better job!

I have tried a few different cutting mats over the years and I have found Fiskars to be the best one. 


3M Super strength automotive tape is the perfect solution for holding cable tie mounts to your metal signs. This product is specifically designed to hold plastic to metal. 

Is the perfect place to get wreath supplies.