Real or Fake Business Coach

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     As you start to read this, it is more important that you are honest with yourself more than anyone else. First question you need to ask yourself is --- Is my business coach doing the job that I hired them to do? To put this into perspective think about it this way. You hire a contractor to remodel your kitchen. In the agreement, it was only suppose to take 4 weeks and $8,000 to complete. Here you are at week 6 and still unable to use your kitchen and the contractor tells you that it is going to cost you an additional $3,000 to finish and 4 more weeks. You now feel like you are being held hostage! Worst of all, now you are doing research on this contractor only to find out you are not the first person they have done this to! Now, you are just trying to get along with the contractor to get the job done--- your dream kitchen is on hold because they didn't do the job they promised they would do AND you are paying them more money in the hopes of cooking in your dream kitchen! Isn't this really the same relationship you are having with your business coach?
     The next question you need to ask yourself is this-- A business coach is suppose to help me grow my business, so why am I promoting their business? For years now I have watched several business coaches get glimmering reviews, yet the people promoting the business coach hasn't even grossed a six figure income. Some are barely grossing a 5 figure income, while others completely failed. I mean seriously, some have invested years. To put this into perspective -- Would you keep paying to go to college, knowing you were never going to graduate? Would you?
     The one thing that I have noticed the most about business coaches is they keep on selling you more and more to grow your business. However, the first monthly fee they charged you gave that promise already, so why are you having to buy more? The other thing that I noticed about business coaches is that they hire people to help them grow their business from within their groups. For a while now, I have asked myself why the person they hired gave up their dream of business ownership to go back to working for someone else? If your business coach is capable to teaching you to gross a 6 to 7 figure income, why would you give up your dream of becoming a millionaire?
    Over the years I have been in several business coaching groups. The biggest thing that I noticed over all, is that the person I was paying to help me grow my business, knew nothing about me or my business. How is someone suppose to help me grow MY BUSINESS without having an actual conversation with ME?         
     One group that I was in, I saw several people asking the business coach question and the business coach NEVER answered anyone! I started searching all the posts in the group and realized, the business coach wasn't helping anyone, it was the members helping each other. What? Meanwhile, the business coach was living the million dollar home that they didn't really earn.
     Another group that I was in, I noticed that the business coach was actually teaching people how to grow the business coach's business and not their own. I watched many of the students do everything that they were told to do, yet sadly never found success. Keep in mind, you are paying a business coach to help you grow your business. Yet, I notice several paying this business coach to help grow their business coach's business. Worst of all, people were scared to stop paying this business coach out fear! Fear of the business coach that is suppose to help them grow their business, destroy their business. When someone uses fear to control you that is an abusive relationship.
      My last experience with a business coach is the one that basically iced the cake for me, this time I went in paying more, so yes I expected more. From jump street I thought things were going to be different because this business coach actually had a converstation with me, little did I know that would be the last. With each Zoom call that I was on, once again I noticed that the business coach knew a great deal about other people's business and the products they were trying to launch and extremely involved. My thought was this, I am paying you the same amount of money the other person is, why are you not that involved in helping me grow my business? Great, another business coach that plays favorites! Great, another business coach that has a clique.
      My conclusion after all of this, I took the leap and made the investment in myself and my business. As a business owner I know that you have to spend money to make money. I also know that in order to grow a further education is always needed. It is when you refuse to stop learning that personal and business growth ends. However, I kept getting the same thing over and over. If you want to learn more, I had to pay more. It finally occured to me that the business coaches were never going to give the full information to grow my business at any price! Because if there was a price they would run out of more things to sell.
     It was then that I decided to research what a business coach actually is. I finally did what I should have done years ago, stopped believing what I was being told and started researching what I was being told. I found that there is an actual education to become a business coach, so I took the classes. Not so that I could become a business coach, but so that I could finally hire the right business coach.
     As I write this, no I still haven't hired a new business coach. The years of believing the lies has furthered trust issues that I already had. My relationship with previous business coaches did not empower me to grow my business but instead made me feel bad about myself. Many who have followed me for years watched this roller coaster of emotions unfold on my business page. To have a successful relationship with a business coach, you don't have to like them, but you do have to be able to trust them. It would be hard for me to trust a business coach right now, while I am still trying to unpack the baggage from the previous "business coach".


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