Master Class

May 19-21, 2021

Are you thinking about starting a wreath making business or have one now and you just aren't getting sales or growing your customer base? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of learning Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook Business Page? Can't stand the idea of doing a Facebook live?  What if I told you that I can teach you to start selling without using of those things? 
Over the past 4 years I have sold over 2600 wreaths! This past year alone I have sold over 1000 handmade items and I did it without help from Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, SEO or tags.
In 3 short days you will learn:

Day 1: How to properly set your goals for success and motivation. 

Day 2: The natural progression to making money. Sample shopping lists to learn how to budget for the greatest profit. You will learn how to put yourself in front of customers and build your "Book of Business." The purpose for a Facebook VIP group and Business Page.

Day 3: How to take payments over the internet. How to ship your products and which shipping service is best for you to use.  How to over come your biggest obsticle - your own mindset. Review and Q&A

When you sign up for this 3 day master class, you will receive a copy of my book, "How to Start and Grow Your Wreath Making Business for Under $100" , and an exclusive link to the Facebook group. The Ebook alone is valued at $44.99 and loaded with additional information and video tutorials. 

  • The basic tools and supplies that you need to start making wreaths.
  • Video tutorials on how to make the wreath and pick supplies. 
  • Expert articles on how to name and brand your business.
  • Video tutorials on how to box a wreath and a bow.

Commonly asked questions-

Q: Will the classes be available for viewing at a later time?

A: Yes. If you are unable to make the scheduled class you can view the replay.

Q: Can I print a copy of the book?

A: YES and please! It is encouraged that you print a copy of the book so that you can take notes. There are sections in the book provided for taking notes.

Q: What happens after the classes and I have lingering questions.

A: Send an email to with a complete list of your questions. You will only be allowed to do this for 30 days after the class is completed. 

Q: Does this work for selling items other than wreaths.

A: ABSOLUTELY! Selling it selling. You still have to know how to put yourself in front of your buyers.

Q: When will I know the class schedule.

A: The schedule will be posted in the Facebook group on Jan. 1, 2021. 

This 3 days of class is only $47. 

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